6 comments on “A Starred Kirkus Review!

    1. Is it just me or is anyone else scared about the future? Especially since Bernanke is in front of congress this morning telling them we need a “fiscal stimulus package” right now.It might be the fact that I am a little young, 28, and haven’t been entrenched in a recession in the past, 2000-2002 was the closet but I was fresh out of college. So are we in for it?I have a stable job, a mortage and debt I can pay on one salary, but I am fearing something bad or am I being irrational and this will just be like the past?

  1. Read it in one sitting, couldn’t stop, rocked my world, all I could do after I completed it was nothing. And then I cleaned my home for hours, while thinking, and realizing that no one mentions that this is also a love story by someone who knows what love is. A sad horrible but viscerally affecting love story.
    thank you

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