Bad Feminist Tour Dates

August 6, Lansing, MI, Schuler Books, 7 pm

August 7, Ann Arbor, MI, Literati Bookstore, 7 pm

August 7, Milwaukee, Boswell Books, 7 pm

August 27, Chicago, Women & Children First, 7:30 pm

August 29, St. Louis, Left Bank Books, 7 pm

September 21, NYC, Brooklyn Book Festival, TBA

September 21, NYC, Book Court, 7pm

September 22, NYC, TBA

September 23, NYC, Harper Perennial 50th Anniversary, Housing Works, 7pm

September 24, Berkeley, CA, Mrs. Dalloway’s (w/ Ayelet Waldman), 7:30 pm

September 25, San Francisco, CA, City Lights, 7 pm

You can see other places where I will visit, beyond these dates, here.

12 comments on “Bad Feminist Tour Dates

  1. Feel a million miles away over here in NOLA but goodness sakes, I’d love to get my hands on one of those BF tee shirts. Any idea on how I can purchase one?

  2. Just finished “Bad Feminist”. Thank you.
    I remember seeing an almost new set of Paula Dean cookware at the Goodwill and thinking: “I wonder if there is a story behind that donation?” I wouldn’t touch those pans now for any woman’s money. I just looked up Amy Winehouse and heard here for the first time. Thank you. Found out who Melissa Leo is on Netflix. I love people/books that make me think. I too love men and shave my legs. Thank you. Nora

  3. This has nothing to do with this site except that I want to thank the writer, Ms. Gay, for your editorial in the New York Times, about the shooter in South Carolina. Good for you, I cried when I read this because I too am tired of listening to people try to make sense of this horrible crime and similar crimes, including using a flag on public grounds, that all of us white people should be ashamed of. Do the Germans proudly display the nazi flag? Thank you for your honesty. I’m going to read Bad Feminist.

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  5. I am currently reading ” Bad Feminist” and All I can say is I’m enjoying and living it. I have been moved by each and every story I have read so far. I Love The way you think Roxane. I do believe this book should be read in middle schools. Good job and keep it up. I wish I could get a chance to talk to you. Best Regards.

  6. Thank you for the Op Ed piece in today’s NYT. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t feel the same. But I also know no one who can articulate it without hurt, anger and disgust. Thank you! And enjoyable read. And a relief. Two more days.

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