Best American Short Stories 2018
Not That Bad
Difficult Women
Black Panther: World of Wakanda
Bad Feminist
An Untamed State

Short Fiction Print

    • GLAMOUR The Big Selfie Debate
    • THE MINNESOTA REVIEW Open Marriage
    • BITCH  On Stereotypes: Carrying the Burden of Being Strong
    • PRAIRIE SCHOONER The Year I Learned Everything
    • OXFORD AMERICAN  Group Fitness
    • LOS ANGELES REVIEW Typical First Year Professor
    • WEST BRANCH  I Will Follow You
    • FREQUENCIES See Me Feel Me Let Me Belong
    • NINTH LETTER To Scratch, Grope, or Claw Clumsily or Frantically
    • MID AMERICAN REVIEW Sentimental Lies, Marvelous Creatures, Stiff Creams and Veloutes
    • AMERICAN SHORT FICTION We Are the Sacrifice of Darkness
    • KUGELMASS The Art of the Rejection of Rejection
    • THE PINCH Sweet on the Tongue
    • THE NORMAL SCHOOL Glades People and Critical Mass
    • NOON A Pat
    • ANOBIUM 2 Handsome Men Who Love Ugly Women
    • VERSAL 10 Who We Are Beneath the Glass
    • INDIANA REVIEW How to Write a Love Story
    • WILLOW SPRINGS Through the Womb
    • PASSAGES NORTH The Nature of Living Things
    • CREAM CITY REVIEW We Are All So Happy Now
    • HOBART 12 North Country
    • HEAVY FEATHER REVIEW How All Things Rot
    • BLACK WARRIOR REVIEW 37.2 Strange Gods
    • QUICK FICTION  Voodoo Child
    • UNCANNY VALLEY Bare-chested Men in Public Make Me Uncomfortable
    • ANNALEMMA 7 Five Pieces of a Broken Heart
    • AVERY ANTHOLOGY Lucy Lives in a World of Infinite Possibility
    • LIFTED BROW The World Around Us: Alexander’s Steakhouse
    • SANTA FE LITERARY REVIEW Around Her Neck, the Weight of Stones
    • A CAPPELLA ZOO Requiem for a Glass Heart
    • ANNALEMMA 6 How
    • ARTIFICE Contrapasso
    • BIG MUDDY Baby Arm
    • BROKEN PLATE, THE Technicolor Girl
    • EMERSON REVIEW Perfect Teeth Make a Pretty Smile
    • GARGOYLE 56 How the Girl in the Glass Sheds Her Skin
    • MIDWESTERN GOTHIC 1 Down to Bone
    • MID-AMERICAN REVIEW 31.1 Review, American Amen by Gary McDowell
    • MID-AMERICAN REVIEW 30 Down to Bone
    • MONKEYBICYCLE 7 The Weight of Water
    • PEAR NOIR! In the Event of My Father’s Death
    • SENTENTIA Ever. Happily. After
    • THUNDERCLAP The Why of Everything, Everything, Everything
    • TRNSFR #4 The Harder They Come
    • WEAVE NO. 3 Cheap, Fast, Filling
    • WRONG TREE REVIEW Other Blood

Selected Short Fiction Online

    • ANNALEMMA Pilgrims
    • ATTICUS REVIEW I Did Not Marry for Love
    • ATTICUS REVIEW The Good Wife
    • BARCELONA REVIEW What They Say About Happily Ever After (Novel Excerpt)
    • BARRELHOUSE Best Features
    • BEAT THE DUST Come Find Save Get Me (Novel Excerpt)
    • BOOTH Winesburg, Indiana: Tara Jenkins
    • COBALT REVIEW  Something Sweet For Someone Good To Hold Onto
    • COLLAGIST, THE La Negra Blanca
    • CORIUM Inner Geographies
    • DECOMP Motherfuckers
    • DARK SKY MAGAZINE We Are Magnificent
    • DIAGRAM Little Babies
    • DOGZPLOT What Long Legs Mean
    • EMPRISE REVIEW The Small Tragedies of Children
    • EVERYDAY GENIUS Boys in Drag
    • FIDDLEBACK, THE In the Dark of Day and Light of Night I Am Your Bright Shining Star
    • FOUNDLING REVIEW, THE We Didn’t Mind The Fire And We Watched While It All Burned
    • FRIGG Law & Order: The Complete Series
    • FRIGG Very Lovely Ending
    • FRINGE Begin Chest Compressions
    • FWRICTION REVIEW Girls With Eating Disorders
    • GOOD MEN PROJECT Knife Man
    • GUERNICA There is No E in Zombi Which Means There Can Be No You Or Me
    • HOBART Brief Encounters With Famous Men, Famous Women, Fictional Men
    • HOBART Fathers, Sons, Acorns, Oak Trees
    • IN DIGEST Dead Baby Stories
    • JMWW  His Name Is
    • JOYLAND Break All the Way Down
    • JOYLAND For the Benefit of Others
    • KNEE JERK Gravity at the End of the World
      Notable Story, 2009 Million Writers Award
    • KILL AUTHOR Important Things to Know About Career Girls
    • KILL AUTHOR Used People
    • LITERARIAN, THE  I Am a Knife
    • MATTER PRESS We’re Going to Vacation on a Yacht in the Middle of a Deep Blue Ocean
    • MCSWEENEY’S INTERNET TENDENCY I’m Going to Cook a Quiche in My Easy Bake Oven and You Are Going to Like It
    • MELVILLE HOUSE John F Kennedy (Be a Good Boy)
    • MONKEYBICYCLE Notes on Motorized Carts
    • MUD LUSCIOUS Other Sisters
      Nominated for the Micro Award
    • NECESSARY FICTION Things I Know About Fairy Tales
      Notable Story, 2009 Million Writers Award
    • NIGHT TRAIN Mark of Cain
      Nominated for the 2010 Million Writers Award
    • NIGHT TRAIN The Shape of My Mouth
    • NORTHVILLE REVIEW, THE Girls at the Bar
    • NORTHVILLE REVIEW, THE I Want to Sit Courtside at a Lakers Game
    • NORTHVILLE REVIEW, THE Queries Involving Tyler Perry, Difficult Decisions and Two Skanks
    • PINDELDYBOZ Between Things
      Notable Story, 2009 Million Writers Award
    • RED LIGHTBULBS The Dissection of the Human Heart
    • REFLECTION’S EDGE The Mistress of Baby Breath
    • REPRINT, THE Contrapasso
    • REPRINT, THE How
    • SAWMILL, THE  Before Death Comes Honesty
    • SPORK Do You Have a Place For Me?
      Nominated for Dzanc’s Best of the Web
      Notable Story, 2010 Million Writers Award
      Top Ten Story Million Writers Award
    • SPORK La Lonchera
    • STACCATO FICTION Ways in Which Looks Deceive
    • STOKED  How the Girl in Glass Sheds Her Skin
    • STORYGLOSSIA Bad Priest
    • STORYGLOSSIA We Do Not Speak of Graceful Things
    • STORYVILLE In the Manner of Water or Light
    • STYMIE MAGAZINE Just Be Nice
    • SX SALON What After Looks Like
    • J. ECKLEBURG REVIEW  The Weight of a Heart in the Palm of My Hand
    • TARPAULIN SKY You Never Knew How Waters Ran So Cruel So Deep
    • TREEHOUSE Girl/Box
    • TWELVE STORIES This Program Contains Actual Surgical Procedures
      Notable Story, 2009 Million Writers Award
      Top Ten Story, 2009 Million Writers Award
    • TWO SERIOUS LADIES  Lucy Lives in a World of Infinite Possibility
    • USED FURNITURE REVIEW Beautiful Babettte, the Wandering Nymphette
    • USED FURNITURE REVIEW The Myth of Fingerprints
    • WAG’S REVUE Satellite, Rain
    • WIGLEAF Apocalypse Story
    • WIGLEAF Dear Wigleaf
    • WIGLEAF Dear Wigleaf
    • WIGLEAF Dear Wigleaf
    • WIGLEAF How it Is
    • WIGLEAF I Know Things About the Girls Next Door
    • WIGLEAF The Widow Takes Her Coffee Black
    • WIGLEAF When I Am Fifteen, I Will Not Fall In Love
    • WIGLEAF The Anatomy of a Good Woman
    • WORD RIOT  Bone Density
      Notable Story, 2009 Million Writers Award
    • WUFNIKS  They Shall Know Holy Places
    • YOU MUST BE THIS TALL TO RIDE Perfect Like Normal We Practice

Essays, Reviews, and Interviews

In addition to my contributions at HTMLGIANT:  
    • THE AESTHETE Lone Star
    • AMERICAN PROSPECT Food TV’s Sadistic Glee
    • AMERICAN PROSPECT Last Day of a Young Black Man
    • BARNES & NOBLE The Charge to Be Fair: Ta-Nehisi Coates and Roxane Gay in Conversation
    • BOOKFORUM An Interview with Laird Hunt
    • BOOKFORUM Wise Crack: James Hannaham gives a new voice to addiction
    • BOOKFORUM An Interview with Meg Wolitzer
    • BOOKFORUM Review: Bedrock Faith by Eric Charles May
    • BOOKFORUM Review: You Are One of Them by Elliott Holt
    • BOOKSLUT An Interview With Tayari Jones
    • BOOKSLUT An Interview With Dawn Tripp
    • BOOKSLUT Garish, Glorious, Spectacles
    • BOOKSLUT I Once Was Miss America
    • BOOKSLUT  Reaching for Catharsis: Getting Fat Right (or Wrong) In Diana Spechler’s Skinny
    • BOOKSLUT We Must All Be So Strong
    • BREVITY There Are Distances Between Us
      Nominated for a Pushcart Prize
    • BUZZFEED Identity Thief and the Narrow Road For Overweight Actresses
    • BUZZFEED Not Here to Make Friends
    • BUZZFEED Surviving Django
    • BUZZFEED The Answers We Look For in War Literature
    • THE COMMON The Super Museum
    • THE DAILY BEAST The Modern Lolita: A Conversation with Alissa Nutting
    • THE DAILY BEAST The Werewolf Novel as Post-9/11 Allegory?
    • DEFUNCT May Your Hair Mark the Path Behind You
    • DIODE Review: Heavy Petting by Gregory Sherl
    • ELLE Roxane Gay: Getting Dumped on Valentine’s Day Was ‘For the Best’
    • FLYWHEEL MAGAZINE L’Epee de Damocles (Vehicular Manslaughter
    • FULL STOP Review: With the Animals
    • THE GUARDIAN God Help the Child by Toni Morrison Review – ‘Incredibly Powerful’
    • THE GUARDIAN Indiana is not protecting religious freedom but outright zealotry
    • THE GUARDIAN I am giving up hating Valentine’s Day. Celebrating love is a beautiful thing
    • THE GUARDIAN Beyoncé’s Control of Her Own Image Belies hooks ‘Slave’ Critique
    • THE HAIRPIN Adventures with UPS Man
    • LUNA PARK REVIEW  I Don’t Know How to Write About Race
    • MORNING NEWS, THE Tournament of Books Quarterfinals, The Goldfinch vs People in the Trees
    • NATION, THE Broader, Better Literary Conversations
    • NATION, THE A Conversation with Kiese Laymon
    • NATION, THE A Literature of Her Own: Patricia Engel’s It’s Not Love, It’s Just Paris
    • NATION, THE Reading the Stakes in Syria
    • NATION, THE  Rising Above the Failure of Imagination
    • NATION, THE Strange Lands
    • NATION, THE Urgent, Unheard Stories
    • NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Why The Help is Hopeless
    • NEW YORK Reality Rumble Round Two: ANTM versus Idol Seasons 2
    • NEW YORK The Ten Best Books About Modern Virgins
    • NEW YORK Where Are the Movies About Non-Suffering Black People?
    • NEW YORK TIMES Of Lions and Men: Mourning Samuel DuBose and Cecil the Lion
    • NEW YORK TIMES On the Death of Sandra Bland and Our Vulnerable Bodies
    • NEW YORK TIMES Why I Can’t Forgive Dylann Roof
    • NEW YORK TIMES Why the Beach Is a Bummer
    • NEW YORK TIMES The Marriage Plot
    • NEW YORK TIMES Review, Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill
    • NEW YORK TIMES Review, The Residue Years by Mitchell S. Jackson
    • NEW YORK TIMES Review, Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore
    • NPR A Compelling Plot Gives Way To Farce In Franzen’s Purity
    • NPR CODE SWITCH Why I Can’t Forgive Dylann Roof
    • RELUCTANT HABITS Roundtable Discussion of Dana Spiotta’s Stone Arabia
    • RUMPUS, THE The Alienable Rights of Women
    • RUMPUS, THE Beyond the Measure of Men
    • RUMPUS, THE The Careless Language of Sexual Violence
    • RUMPUS, THE Dear Young Ladies Who Love Chris Brown So Much They Are Willing To Let Him Beat Them:
    • RUMPUS, THE Eleven
    • RUMPUS, THE Girls Girls Girls
    • RUMPUS, THE  How a Wound Heals
    • RUMPUS, THE How We All Lose
    • RUMPUS, THE An Interview with Blake Butler
    • RUMPUS, THE An Interview with Jim Gavin
    • RUMPUS, THE An Interview with Julianna Baggott
    • RUMPUS, THE The Last Book I Loved: This is Not Your City by Caitlin Horrocks
    • RUMPUS, THE Peculiar Benefits
    • RUMPUS, THE  A Play About Post-Racial America in Seven Acts
    • RUMPUS, THE A Play About the Men at My Gym in Five Acts
    • RUMPUS, THE A Place Where We Are Everything
    • RUMPUS, THE The Politics of Entitlement
    • RUMPUS, THE Reading Roundup, Fall 2012
    • RUMPUS, THE Resolved: A Year of Great(er) Expectations
    • RUMPUS, THE The Safety of Illusion/The Illusion of Safety
    • RUMPUS, THE The Solace of Preparing Fried Foods and Other Quaint Remembrances from 1960s Mississippi: Thoughts on The Help
    • RUMPUS, THE Spit and Mud
    • RUMPUS, THE Still With the Scarlet Letters
    • RUMPUS, THE A Tale of Three Coming Out Stories
    • RUMPUS, THE Toward a More Complete Measure of Excellence
    • RUMPUS, THE Call. Compassion. Response.
    • RUMPUS, THE The Trouble With Prince Charming or He Who Trespassed Against Us
    • RUMPUS, THE We Are Many, We Are Everywhere
    • RUMPUS, THE What We Hunger For
    • RUMPUS, THE Where I Write: A Cabin on the Lakefront
    • RUMPUS, THE The Whole World, Opened Up
    • SALON 41 Books David Gilmour Should Read
    • SALON The Anger of the Male Novelist
    • SALON The Bar for TV Diversity is Way Too Low
    • SALON  Celebrity Apologies are Meaningless
    • SALON Compartmentalizing Woody Allen
    • SALON Counting Women Matters
    • SALON Daniel Tosh and Rape Jokes: Still Not Funny
    • SALON Franzen Doesn’t Get Twitter
    • SALON Game of Thrones and the Glamorization of Rape
    • SALON George Zimmerman and American’s Problem with Heroism
    • SALON How America Profiled Trayvon Martin and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
    • SALON How Black Girls Die in America
    • SALON The Importance of Feeling Seen
    • SALON Interview, Claire Vaye Watkins
    • SALON Interview, Dick Wolf
    • SALON Is Obama Failing the Black Community?
    • SALON Jezebel’s Lena Dunham Mistake
    • SALON Jonah Lehrer Throws It All Away
    • SALON  Justine Sacco’s Aftermath: The Cost of Twitter Outrage
    • SALON The Media’s Michelle Obama Problem
    • SALON Michele Obama, Feminist Nightmare? How Lazy Journalism Hurts Feminism
    • SALON  Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Need Your Open Letters
    • SALON Paula Deen’s Racism Isn’t Shocking At All
    • SALON  The Power of Communal Grief
    • SALON Racism Is Every American’s Problem
    • SALON Sick Culture Cheers Sandusky Verdict
    • SALON Sorry, the Patriarchy Isn’t Dead
    • SALON Twitter Isn’t Killing Books
    • SALON  The Way We Talk About Sexual Assault is Broken
    • SALON We’ve Made Monsters of Ourselves
    • SALON What Men Want, America Delivers
    • SALON When No One Said Anything
    • SALON When Twitter Does What Journalism Can’t
    • SALON Why America Needs Twitter Outrage
    • SALON Why We Read The New York Times Wealth Porn
    • SALON Women Know More Than Just Love and Sex
    • SALON Woody Allen Is Just The Beginning: Why We Can’t Hide From the Truth Anymore
    • SLATE The Trouble with ‘Women You Should Be Reading Now’ Lists
    • THOUGHT CATALOG A Brief Retrospective of the Pine-Sol Lady
    • TIME Leslie Jones Uses Slavery to Make a Point About Being Black and Beautiful
    • TIN HOUSE A Literary Flyover
    • TIN HOUSE Wants and Needs, A Conversation with Ben Schrank
    • THE TOAST Not So Guilty Pleasures: The Fast and the Furious
    • VQR The Price of Black Ambition
    • VULTURE Roxane Gay Talks to Lena Dunham About Her New Book, Feminism, and the Benefits of Being Criticized Online
    • XOJANE My Body is Wildly Undisciplined
    • XOJANE What Becomes of the Dream
    • THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Is Love (Color) Blind?
    • THE WALL STREET JOURNAL One Step Forward, One Step Back

Future Tense

    • A PUBLIC SPACE Noble Things
    • I am the co-founder of PANK.
    • I am the founding Essays Editor of THE RUMPUS.
    • I publish TINY HARDCORE PRESS.
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